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Used PCs

Lots to choose from...

Dell Optiplex P4 2.8, 1gb ddr2, 80gb

Optiplex 360 core2 2gb 160gb win7pro $75

Dual Core machines        $80-100!!

Optiplex 755 2gb $100 4gb+$20

Optiplex 780 4gb $130

2gb DDR2 upgrade $20

Many Used machines and Notebooks $50 and up!!!!



Over 100 machines IN STOCK, pleanty to choose from!

Dell Latitude E5430                                      Intel i5 4gb 320gb DVDRW 7pro64      $165

Dell Latitude E5430                                      Intel i5 8gb 320gb DVDRW 7pro64      $200

Apple Macbbok Pro 2.2ghz, 4gb, 250gb, DVDRW 15" and 13" $400

Apple Macbook Air $400

Dell Latuitude E5410, i5 2.5ghz, 4gb, 250gb, DVDRW 15" Win7pro64 backlit keyboard $165

Latitude E6400 C2D 2.54ghz, 4gb, 160gb, DVDRW, Win7pro6414" (no webcam) $150

HP DV2000, Intel DC 2.1ghz, 4gb, 160gb, DVDRW, win7pro64, webcam 15" $125

Lenovo T60 and T61 Intel dual Core 2.5ghz  4gb, 250gb, DVDRW 14" and 15" Win7pro  $200-150

Dell Latitude D630 c2d 2.4ghz, 4gb, 160gb, DVDRW XPpro or Win7 $125

Asus eeepc ATOM 1.6 1gb 250gb, win7pro32 webcam 10" $100

Asus eeepc ATOM 1.33 1gb 160gb, win7pro32 xp 12" $100

$100 and lower…..

Lat D600, D400, 2x C400, Precision M60, GATEWAY P4 400sd4, Compaq N1020v EVO Celeron, Insiron Compaq Toshiba and 2x Dell P3

Dell Latitude P3 1000mhz, 256mb, 20gb, cdrom, Floppy! XP pro $75


Lots of Used notebooks $50 and up!


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Liquid Cooled Closeout!


Koolance PC Liquid Cooling System:

PC2 Case w/Pump & Radiator       $100

Cooling Blocks Silver                    $39

Cooling Blocks Copper                  $29

Video Cooler Kit                           $19

Hard Drive Cooler                        $35