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Used PCs

Lots to choose from...

Dell Optiplex P4 2.8, 1gb ddr2, 80gb

Optiplex 360 core2 2gb 160gb win7pro $75

Dual Core machines        $80-100!!

Optiplex 755 2gb $100 4gb+$20

Optiplex 780 4gb $130

2gb DDR2 upgrade $20

Many Used machines and Notebooks $50 and up!!!!



Over 100 machines IN STOCK, pleanty to choose from!

Check it out...
Yep, Mike has Macbooks!

$1500 Macbook Pro 2018 15" i7 2.6ghz 9th gen 16gb 500gb ssd Radeon Big Sur

$800 Macbook Pro 2013 15" i7 2.3ghz 16gb 500gb Big Sur

$900 Macbook Pro 2017 13" i5 7267u 3.1ghz 8gb 256gb Big Sur

$800 Macbook Pro 2016 13" i5 2.9ghz 8gb 256gb 1.5gb video Big Sur

$800 Macbook Air 2018 13" i5 1.6ghz 8gb 256gb Big Sur

$659 Macbook Air 2017 13" i5 5350u 1.8ghz ?gb 128gb Catalina

$500 Macbook Air 2015 11" i7 2.2ghz 4gb 256gb Big Sur

$500 Macbook 2008 13" c2d 2.4ghz 2gb 160gb dvdrw Lion

Oh Yeah...
Mike has NEW Dell Laptops!

$1000 NEW Dell Latitude 5410 14" i5 10210u 4.2 16gb 256gb NVME 1920x1080 warranty 2023

$675 NEW Dell Latitude 3310 13" i5 8265u 3.9 8gb 256gb NVME 1366x768 warranty 2022

$1100 New Dell Latitude 7400 14" I5-8365U 8gb 256gb NVME ProSupport Expires 18 DEC 2023

Mike has used Laptops too!

$1150 Touch 14" Dell Latitude 7490 i7 8650u 2.1 32gb 500gb NVME 1920x1080 warranty 2021

$750 Touch 15" Dell Precision 5510 i7 6820H QC 2.7ghz 8gb 500gb ssd 4K Screen

$750 Touch 13" Latitude 7390 2 in 1 i5 8350u 1.9 16gb 256gb NVME 1920x1080

$425 Touch 13" Latitude 7389 2 in 1 i5 7200u 2,7 8gb 128gb NVME 1920x1080

$400 Touch 15" Hp 15-BS113dx i3-8130u 2.2ghz 8gb 1tb drive 1366x768

$200 Touch 11.6" Asus Cel 1007u 1.5ghz 4gb 500gb

$650 14" HP Probook 440 g6 i7 8565u 1.99ghz 8gb 250gb ssd

$600 13" Latitude 7380 i7 7600u 2.9 8gb 256gb NVME 1920x1080 exp 12/20

$600 12" Latitude 5300 i5 8365u 4.1t 8gb 256gb NVME 1920x1080 exp 9/22

$370 12" Latitude 7280 i5 6300u 2.5 8gb 180gb NVME 1366x768 fair battery

$375 12" Latitude 7280 i5 6300u 2.5 8gb 128gb NVME 1366x768 New battery

$680 14" Dell Latitude 3410 i5 10210u 3.9t 8gb 256gb NVME 1920x1080 exp 10/21

$650 14" Dell Latitude 3400 i5 8265u 3.9t 16gb 256gb NVME 1920x1080 exp 5/21

$650 14" Dell Latitude 3400 i5 8265u 3.9t 16gb 256gb NVME 1920x1080 exp 5/21

$600 14" Dell Latitude 3400 i5 8265u 3.9t 16gb 256gb NVME 1920x1080 exp 4/21

$600 14" Dell Latitude 5400 i5 8365u 4.1t 8gb 256gb NVME 1920x1080 exp 12/20

$525 14" Dell Latitude 3500 i5 8265u 3.9t 16gb 256gb NVME 1920x1080 exp 2/21

$450 14" Dell Latitude e5570 i5 6300hq 2.38gb 256gb NVME 1920x1080

$375 14" Lenovo T460s i5-6200u 2.4ghz 8gb 256gb m.2

$375 14" Lenovo T450 i5-5300u 2.3ghz 16gb 256gb m.2

$420 15" Dell Inspiron i5-8265 1.8ghz 8gb 500gb m.2

$100-200 Chromebooks HP ACER Lenovo Asus etc...

$235 NEW TOUCH Lenovo Chromebook Duet TABLET - 10.1" 4gb 64GB - With Keyboard CT-X636F


Lots of other Used notebooks $50 and up!

Mike has the best prices in town or he makes you lunch in his shop!

Disclaimer: Mike's free lunch giveaway limited to Ramen Noodles for lunch, your choice of tasty beef, chicken or shrimp flavor. Sorry, drinks and utensils not included, but also available for a ridiculously high fee. Additional items may be requested at Mike's discretion and at extremely unreasonable prices. For an extra exorbitant fee, Mike's Tech, Adam will play guitar and sing during your meal. Please provide proof of a better deal that Mike can't match and also consider that most other stores don't include Mike's free sage advice for all of life's problems.


Disclaimer Disclaimer: Mike's free sage advice is for entertainment and amusement purposes only. Do not try to use Mike's advice as grounds for any legal defense. Follow his advice at your own risk.


Liquid Cooled Closeout!


Koolance PC Liquid Cooling System:

PC2 Case w/Pump & Radiator       $100

Cooling Blocks Silver                    $39

Cooling Blocks Copper                  $29

Video Cooler Kit                           $19

Hard Drive Cooler                        $35

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